FCM Online Challenges (Oct – Wk 1)

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Challenge with the ball : One Bounce Wall Pass

INSTRUCTIONS: Stand 3 walking steps away from the wall. Start passing the ball against the wall with once bounce as shown in the video. Make sure to get in line with the ball while attempting the passes & use your side foot to play the passes. Practise the technique well over the week to develop good first touch. Take feedback & tips from your coach.
U18/U16/U14 – 50 Passes
U12/U10 – 30 Passes
U8/U6 – 15 Passes
Note : Passes attempted by standing too close to the wall will not be counted.

Challenge Completed with proper technique :

Player Name-YOB-Ground-Seconds
Sabareesh Natarajan-2008-APL-47
Sivaraamakrishnan Balamurugan-2008-Smasher-46
Lalit nachiket edi reswarapu-2009-APL-45
Pradyumnan PN-2010-APL-49
ADHIRAN RAMESH-2010-Smasher-48
Maya Aravindhan-2010-Smasher-54
Mithran S-2011-APL-72

Challenge – Participants :

Sathya Narayanan-2005-FCM Arena-24
Karthik Maheswaran-2008-Smasher-41
Johaan Jeyan-2009-Entizer-31
MADHAV MANOJ-2011-Dribble-26

Challenge without the ball : Cross Jumps

INSTRUCTIONS : Draw 2 lines or place 2 tapes to form a cross symbol (Refer video). From the middle of the cross, Perform jumps back & forth along the cross. Perform all the jumps on your toes & along the cross. Completing one cross is counted as one count. Keep practising the technique well over the next 3 days & increase the jumping speed as you master the technique.
U18/U16/U14 – 60 seconds continuous
U12/U10 – 45 seconds
U8/U6 – 30 seconds

Challenge Completed with proper technique :

Player Name-YOB-Ground-Counts
Sathya Narayanan-2005-FCM Arena-51
Karthik Maheswaran-2008-Smasher-58
Sivaraamakrishnan Balamurugan-2008-Smasher-31
Pradyumnan PN-2010-APL-30
ADHIRAN RAMESH-2010-Smasher-30

Challenge – Participants :

Sabareesh Natarajan-2008-APL-15
Maya Aravindhan-2010-Smasher-21
Mithran S-2011-APL-13
MADHAV MANOJ-2011-Dribble-2

Online Quiz Results : (U10 – U12) – Score out of 10

Score-Player Name -YOB-Ground
10-Muaaz Iqbal-2008-Smashers
10-Akshat Anuraj Kadalayil-2008-APL
10-Tejas.B-2011-Ellery (Karapakkam)
10-Anwita Raghuraman-2010-APL
10-Achyut Indraganti-2012-APL
9-MR KEERTIVASAN-2009-Tiki Taka (Velachery)
9-Vishal krishna-2012-Tiki Taka (T Nagar)
9-Kailash-2009-St Louis
8-Prajith balaji-2011-APL
8-Gladwin-2011-Tiki Taka (Velachery)
8-L.Jeffine Chris-2008-Smashers
8-S. Mithran-2011-APL
7-Eshan Rahiman-2009-Navadisha
7-Parthiv Ajith-2010-APL
7-Tridev-2010-Alumni Club
6-Johaan Jeyan-2009-Kovilambakkam
6-Muhammad Ayaz-2010-Alumni Club
6-Mahi-2011-Ellery (Karapakkam)
5-U Jaya Aarnav-2008-APL
4-Muhammed KALLARAKKAL Zidaahn-2009-APL
2-MOHAMMAD ARSH-2011-Alumni Club

Online Quiz Results : (U14 – U18) – Score out of 12

Score-Player Name -YOB-Ground
11-Bhaarathi-2003-St Louis
9-Haresh-2003-St Louis
9-Sachinkalyan Indraganti-2007-APL
8-J. Hanish-2007-YMCA
7-Vidur Ashwin-2005-St Louis
7-Uvan RISHEE p.m.-2007-YMCA
6-Hariaravind Murugavel-2005-FC Madras Arena
6-Manu Barath-2006-YMCA
6-Chinmaye Venkatarama-2005-APL
6-Shiva ravi-2005-Tiki Taka (Velachery)
6-Saarthak Bajaj-2007-FC Madras Arena
6-Vedanth Ragupati-2007-Chaos, Adyar
6-Nikhilesh-2003-FC Madras Arena
5-Sri Vaibhav-2005-FC Madras Arena
4-Harsh D Vyas-2007-FC Madras Arena
4-Shaurya Mishra-2007-YMCA
4-a pramoth-2007-APL
3-Sanjeev Mithran-2007-St Louis
2-Trijal raja S.A-2008-APL
2-Sarath Vasantha Kumar-2007-YMCA

Stay Active. Keep Training.
Keep Challenging Yourself.

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